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Chevaux de Camargue, pastel

Whale Mural, acrylic

Blue and White Bouquet , oil

Dragon Vase & Aspen Leaves, oil

Oriental Harmony, oil

Tibetan Woman
, oil

Napalese Headdress,
black and white chalk

Chris Asleep, pastel

Self Portrait , oil

Lester, oil

Woman in Red, oil

Nubi Warrior, oil

Torso, mixed media

Tibetan Mother: Buti, oil

Waiting, pastel

Mujeres de Coyuco, oil

Lilacs and Peaches, oil

Katmandu Cock, oil

Senegalese Girl, oil

Ruth, pastel

Heidi, oil

Self Portrait , oil

Madelyn, pastel

White Turban, pastel

Whether you have a pocket pup of uncertain heritage
like Gizmo or a regal shepeher-husky cross like Uriah,
Gary will paint its portrait with love.

upper left going clockwise: Gidget, Uriah, Maverick, Mattie.

More photos will be added - come visit us again.
Gary Michael
3009 East 10th Avenue ~ Denver, CO 80206
(303) 321-6607
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