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Journey from Little Left
Written and illustrated by Gary Michael

From Little Left made the
Tattered Cover's fiction best-seller  list!

What if your home, your friends, your very life was threatened?

What if you were a prairie dog and that threat was human indifference?

When human intrusion threatens a prairie dog colony, ten of the colony’s residents join together and set out in search of safer pasture.

Among them are:

Hieronymous — an able but reluctant leader
Esmerelda — his feisty, self-centered sister
Corot — his wise, dreamy friend
Ozymandias — a precocious youngster

On their journey they experience high adventure, struggle with both external and internal obstacles, gain insights, and come to understand the meaning of courage, friendship, teamwork, and internal strength.Is home a place . . . or is it something we carry with us?Join this inspiring band of prairie dogs as they Journey From Little Left.“Gary Michael has created a wonderfully endearing novel that will eventually be favorably compared with Watership Down.”

–Chuck Davis, Vice President & Relocation Specialist (retired),
Prairie Dog Action & former member of the Prairie Dog Coalition

“A whimsical and fun romp into the world of the imagination, brought to you through the machinations of prairie dogs with attitude!”

–J. Allan Danelek, Paranormal investigator and author
for Llewellyn Worldwide and Adventures Unlimited Press

“You are obviously a gifted writer. I especially enjoyed the little bits of philosophy about life you threw in here and there. And the characters were great.!”

–Maureen Lawry, Prairie Dog Puppeteer

Gary speaking to packed house about the book at the Tattered Cover

Gary Michael
3009 East 10th Avenue ~ Denver, CO 80206
(303) 321-6607
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