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     Gary can shorten or extend any of these programs to a 45-minute talk or 3-day seminar. Prices available on request.

     "You know it when you can do it," says Gary. His seminars afford people ample opportunity to practice what he professes. Gary customizes every seminar to meet the specific needs of the group. Above all, he makes learning FUN.

Strange Encounters of a First Kind:
How to Wow Everyone You Meet

A highly interactive program that shows you how to be more present for others. 

     Making other people feel important from the start is crucial to any relationship, personal or professional. Have fun practicing skills that will endear you to anyone. This highly participatory program will leave you armed and eager to make a fantastic first impression on everyone you meet.

You'll learn to:

  • Master introductions, including name recall and positive body language
  • Initiate and continue conversation
  • Recognize and adapt to different communication styles
  • Describe your work in a way that goes beyond a mere label
  • Hone your listening skills
  • Exude more energy

The Gentle Art Of Persuasion:
How to Win Minds and Influence Friends

Do you ever wonder if your spoken words are as clear, concise, and convincing as you'd like? 

Here's a program that will help you:

  • Achieve more presence, poise, and power as a speaker
  • Gain a heightened sense of your personal charisma
  • Connect with your audience at a soul level
  • Utilize a variety of persuasive techniques
  • Cast your arguments into story form

     Communication is the fairy dust of relationships. Relationships are the backbone of organizations. The most effective leaders know how to get people to invest in each other¹s success. Gary will give you lots of ideas on how to achieve moral authority. Modeling the behavior you want from others is a good start and goes much further if bolstered by effective communication.

     The program benefits everyone who wants to make his or her ideas and proposals more palatable to other people.

Communicate To Lead:
Ways To Help People Contribute To Each Other's Success

Communication is power. Good communicators become role models. Role models carry moral authority. Moral authority is the cornerstone of leadership.

     Nothing convinces like conviction. Let Gary show you ways to convey your conviction so your audience, be it one person or many, experiences it in all its power and passion. Learn how different people respond to different approaches, the role of body language and communication styles in creating rapport, and how your personal authenticity affects outcomes.

This program gives you ways to:

  • Make people around you feel important
  • Listen as though your life depended on it
  • Eliminate rapport killers from your vocabulary
  • Clarify your group vision and the visions of others
  • Make meetings FUN!

You Gotta Have HeArt:

This is Gary's totally flexible program.  He can make it:

  • A joke-filled painting demonstration for pure entertainment--perfect for spouses of conventioneers
  • A visual metaphor and motivational device for any given industry--a keynote you'll never forget!
  • A painting or poetry workshop on how to nourish your soul through creative expression--a transformative stress reliever for the overworked or under loved

    (See some of Gary's paintings at www.gary-theartist.com.)

Seminar Reviews

     "You are a true professional! Your experience and talents are quite evident, and your enthusiasm is contagious. Many of our members, including our Wing Commander, have purchased your book, Get In Bed With Your Audience And Satisfy Them EVERY Time, and found it an excellent, informative guide."
--Lt. Mike Daniels, Civil Air Patrol, United States Air Force

     "I asked for feedback on your presentation and the words awesome, terrific, comfortable, hands on, a real speaker, down to earth, flew around the room."
            --Michelle Young, PartyLite

     "You are a colorful speaker and kept the group interested as well as entertained. I particularly enjoyed the exercise where we partnered off to find two unusual things in common. Earlier a member asked if we could have an event where we could get to know each other better. Your exercise gave us a great introduction to that process."
--Rhonda Hess, Rocky Mountain Institute of Food Technologists

     "Your energy and passion for demonstrating the power of communication is a fine example to those of us in the marketing profession. Your superb program showed how public speaking could be fun and enjoyable event."
            --Mark Schlang, Worth Group Architects

     "Our membership agreed that the information you provided was very valuable, and it was also the most enjoyable training session we've had. Your presentation provided us with valuable tools that we can easily make effective use of."
            --Kimberly Ritzheimer, Federally Employed Women

     "The Day was an outstanding success. The comments were very positive. People liked your concrete examples, sense of humor, interacting with other people, the listening techniques, and... the most important thing in life- valuing each other. The high level of energy and enthusiasm shown on a summer Friday afternoon surprised even me. Librarians do have fun!"
--Preston Driggers, Personnel Manager of Douglas Public Library District

Paid Presenations and Trainings
         Denver Art Museum
         Museum of Western History, Denver
         Dames & Moore, Chicago, IL
         Emory and Henry College, Emory, VA
         Iliff Theological Seminary, Denver
         Colorado Institute of Art, Denver
         Rocky Mountain School of Design, Denver
         Pratt Community College, Pratt, KS
         Art Students League, Denver
         U.S. Department of the Interior, Denver
         Colorado Dental Association, Aurora, CO
         Colorado Wing, Civil Air Patrol, USAFA, CO Springs, CO
         Kenneth H. Wells & Associates, Englewood, CO
         Flying Colors Art Workshops, Acapulco, Mexico
         U.S. Department of the Air Force, Aurora, CO
         Colorado Department of Social Services, Breckenridge, CO
         Dean Witter Reynolds Brokerage Firm, Denver
         Rotary International President Elect Conferences, CO
         American Cancer Society, Denver
         Jungian Ministries Institute, Denver
         Toastmasters Club Denver
         Denver Alliance of Professional Consultants, Denver
         Community College of Denver
         Colorado Watercolor Society, Denver
         Dixon Paper Co, Denver
         Mensa Club, Denver
         Lockheed-Martin, Jefferson County, CO
         Colorado Free University, Denver
         Camp Laforet, Carbondale, CO
         The Learning Annex, San Francisco, CA
         San Francisco Public Schools, San Francisco, CA
         Environmental Research Management, Chicago, IL
         Libertarian Party, National Convention, Denver

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