- About Gary Michael -


Dr. Gary Michael is a professional speaker, consultant, and author of the books Across A Crowded Room: From First Impression to Authentic Connection, and Get In Bed With Your Audience and Satisfy Them EVERY Time. He has also published over 200 articles, was a radio announcer, as well as actor in television commercials.

Gary shows people how to design and deliver passionate, persuasive presentations. He uses stories, humor and audience involvement to make people stronger leaders and clearer communicators. His programs provide participants with concrete skills they can implement instantly to get their words worth -- in both one-on-one sessions and professional seminars. Contact Dr. Michael at artist.sublime@gmail.com

He has climbed 53 of Colorado's 54 14,000' peaks and won city and state tennis championships.

He is an accomplished artist: http://gary-theartist.com

He is a compulsive dog doter, chocolate consumer, and art viewer.

Contact Gary at:

Gary with a friend at the Mt. Everest base camp